Chocolate milk stout recipe

The weather is turning, the days are shorter and the mornings are crisp, so the brewer’s mind is starting to turn to darker beers. With this in mind we thought we would do something a little different. So here we are, the Chocolate Milk Stout.

Original Gravity: 1.055
Expected Final Gravity: 1.023 (it is meant to be high as the lactose balances out all of that dark 
Expected ABV: 5%
Expected IBU: 30


1 x 1.8 kg Black Rock Liquid Dark Malt Extract
1 kg of Copper Tun Light Unhopped Malt
500 g Copper Tun Lactose
100 g Cocoa Powder
400 g of Black Patent Grain
250 g of Chocolate Grain
70 g of Fuggles Hops
2 Sachets of Mangrove Jack’s British Ale yeast


1) Pour 10 L of water into a 15 L capacity pot. Bring the water up to 70 degrees and add 
 a grain bag full of crushed grain for 25 minutes.
2) Remove grain bag and bring this to the boil. 
3) Once boiling add the all fuggles hops, malt extracts and lactose. Boil for 90 minutes.
4) Add the cocoa powder 10 minutes before the end of the boil.
5) At the end of 90 minutes cool the wort in an icebath until it is at 20 degrees.
6) Empty this into your sanitised fermenter and top up with cold water to 23 L. 
7) Sprinkle over 2 sachets of the Mangrove Jack’s British Ale yeast.
8) Ferment, bottle or keg as usual when the specific gravity is stable for 48 hours

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