Recipe: Rustic Amber Ale

Last but not least in this series of recipes is the Rustic Amber Ale. Loosely based on Speight's Dark, this beer is a take on the classic NZ Amber Ale. It's a little sweet, a little malty and has just the right amount of New Zealand hop character.

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Note: The availability of these products may vary between regions. 



  • 1 x Mangrove Jack’s NZ Brewer’s Series Golden Ale (includes yeast) 
  • 1 x Mangrove Jack’s Traditional Series Rustic Brown Ale (includes yeast)


1. On the brew day, clean and sanitise your fermenter, airlock, lid and mixing paddle with Mangrove Jack’s Total San Sanitiser.

2. Add 3 L of boiling water to your fermenter.

3. Pour the liquid malt extract from the Mangrove Jack’s Rustic Brown pouch into the fermenter and squeeze out the remains.

4. Add the contents of the Mangrove Jack’s Brewers Series Golden Ale pouch and stir until completely dissolved.

5. Top up to 23 L with cold water.

6. Check the liquid temperature is below 25°C (77°F), then add the contents of both yeast sachets into the fermenter.

7.Ferment per the instructions included on the back of the Mangrove Jack’s Brewer’s Series carton.

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