Recipe: Tasman XPA

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Recipe: Tasman XPA

Everyone has a favourite classic, right? Here at Mangrove Jack's, we wanted to create some delicious beers inspired by the classics you know and love. 

If you're a fan of NZ/AU Xtra Pale Ales, try this recipe and let us know what you think!

Bursting with passion fruit, peach and gooseberry flavours, this beer is a light and easy drinking xtra pale ale for any time of the year! Just click on the image below to see the recipe. 

Head to your local Mangrove Jack's stockist to pick up your ingredients and get brewing today!

Note: The availability of these products may vary between regions - if you would like us to assist with suggestions for substitutions, please contact us.



1. On the brew day, clean and sanitise your fermenter, airlock, lid and mixing paddle with Mangrove Jack’s Total San Sanitiser.

2. Add 3 L of boiling water to your fermenter.

3. Pour the contents of the Mangrove Jack’s Brewer’s Series Blonde Dry pouch into the fermenter and squeeze out the remains.

4. Add the contents of the Mangrove Jack’s Light Liquid Malt Extract pouch and stir until completely dissolved.

5. Top up to 23 L with cold water.

6. Check the liquid temperature is below 25°C (77°F), then add the contents of the yeast sachet.

7. On day 7 of fermentation, add the 25g each of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin Hops. Do not stir (the hops will break up and disperse naturally).

8. Leave to ferment for a further 2-3 days or until the airlock has stopped bubbling then check the SG using a hydrometer. If fermentation is complete, the SG should be equal to or below the value indicated on the Brewer’s Series carton.

9. Continue your brew per the instructions on the Brewer’s Series carton.


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