The Beer Hop - Beer Review

Brewery: Epic Brewing Company
Beer: Hop Zombie
Style: Imperial Indian Pale Ale (IIPA or double IPA)
ABV: 8.5%
Tagline: Need…more…hops

Let me start this beer from the beginning. You pour it into the glass and it is a very light straw colour. Looks almost like fizzy yellow water. You might think hmmm… this might be a bog standard boring lager, but one sniff of this bad boy completely expels any such thought from your head.

It has intense smells of lychee, guava and passionfruit jumping out and hitting you in the nose. I think, wow this aroma is so good, the taste can’t possibly match it! But I’m wrong. On first sip you get intense tropical fruit flavours dancing around your mouth with a quenching bitterness backed up by a solid malt base. For some reason it makes me think of the Cranberries. What’s in your mouth? What’s in your mouth? Zombie!, Zombie!, Zombie!, bie! bie! (apologies for the reference to mid 90s music). This beer is far too drinkable and has caught more than a few people off guard - it tastes of 6-7% alcohol, not 8.5%. Be warned.

This genius beer is made with a secret combination of rare US and NZ hops. The bottle glows in the dark (as does the T shirt below) which Epic was kind enough give me for helping out at Taste of Auckland last year. I could write a long blog about Epic and their impish brewer, but I will save that for another time. 

So in conclusion save brains, drink hops!





The Beer Man