The Beer Hop Beer Review - Sauvin Saison

Brewery – 8 Wired
Beer - Sauvin Saison
Style: Saison
ABV 7%

I have to start off by saying Saison’s are my favourite style of beer. If you have never heard of or drank a Saison, it was traditionally brewed by Belgians and French farmers to provide much needed refreshment for thirsty farmers.  

The alcohol would have usually been on the lighter side so the busy workers could stay hydrated. But this is the 8 Wired version of a Saison. 8 Wired likes to crank things up a notch. It is a light, spritzy style of beer that goes down really easy. The Brewer Søren Eriksen, a great guy, and a giant beer nerd, is always looking to push the boundaries of styles. Once again he has done so beautifully. This beer delivers big, funky, earthy flavours that meld with big fresh fruit flavours. The increased alcohol is not over the top and is quite dangerously drinkable. This would be a great beer to have on a hot day, chilling out with friends or just chilling out with a good book. 

On a side note, Mangrove Jack’s is just about to release a dry Saison yeast at the beginning of next month, look out for it at your nearest home brew store and brew yourself some gorgeous Saison. Also a fresh wort pack of 8 Wired – Hopwired, the highest rated IPA in the southern hemisphere (according to Jump onto to pre-order your pack.

Søren mashing in his brew