The Beer Hop Beer Review - Anvil

Brewery: Harrington’s (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Beer: Anvil

Style: Pilsner

ABV: 6.5%

The first thing you notice about this beer is the huge tropical fruit notes stuffing themselves into your nasal passages. This comes with it, one of the best aromas I have had on a NZ beer, this beer should be drank and celebrated more. The Anvil is duly named, as this 6.5% beer drinks like a 5% pilsner but with a lot more character, best in moderation (oh ok have a few you will be fine).

The taste is again of big tropical fruit, think mangos, guavas, assorted stone-fruit all together in a beautifully drinkable fruit salad that lays over a lovely crisp malt base and a really nice bitter (but not too bitter) finish. This beer was great out of the bottle and right at the brewery. The brewers are very friendly and just plain cool guys. Keep your eye out for this and other great Harrington’s Beers. This 2012 NZ brewery of the year is expanding significantly so I look forward to seeing their beers around the country a lot more in the near future.


Andrew Childs
The Beer Man
Mangrove Jack’s