Wit-ermelon Wit Beer

Wit-ermelon Wit Beer

Want to try a beer that is a bit different to the norm but delicious and refreshing at the same time? This Wit-ermelon Wit Beer uses the Craft Series Wheat Beer Pouch with two large watermelons. Makes the perfect refreshing drink after a hard day’s work!

Expected Brew figures
OG: Approx. 1.045 (but this will depend on the size and amount of pulp of your watermelons)
FG: Approx. 1.010
IBU: 15
Volume: 21L (but will be closer to 19L once the pulp is taken out of the fermenter


-          Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Bavarian Wheat Pouch (2.2kg) (includes M20 Bavarian Wheat yeast)
-          Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Can 1.7kg
-          2 large watermelons

Only ended up using 2 Watermelons (they are huge!)



The watermelon part

-          Cut the rind off 2 large watermelons, then cut them into chunks, remove pips where you can, but letting a few through will be fine.
-          Put the watermelon chunks into a food processor (this will take several goes to get them all done unless you have a huge food processor).
-          Then add watermelon pulp from the food processor into a large pot and bring to a boil. Once boiling remove from the boil (you should have removed any wild yeast from the watermelon now).

The Wit Beer

-          Sanitise a fermenter (30L or big enough to hold much more than 25L so there is enough head space during fermentation).
-          Add 3L of boiling water.
-          Add Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Bavarian Wheat Pouch and stir.
-          Add Black Rock Unhopped Wheat Can and stir.

Combining the two

-          Add the watermelon pulp into the fermenter and stir with a sanitised spoon (the wort will go brown, don’t worry it will still taste good, it is just what happens when you mix these two ingredients.
-          Cool the contents to under 25 degrees C (using an icebath or a heat exchanger).
-          Pitch the M20 Bavarian Yeast onto the wort.
-          Ferment at 18-20 degrees. If you get much higher than this you will end up with a German wheat beer with banana and clove flavours (which still will be quite good but not as clean and refreshing at a Wit Beer).
-          After 5-7 days fermentation should be complete, filter the beer through a large sieve to remove the watermelon pulp from the beer, transfer the beer into a second fermenter.
-          If you have room in a fridge, leave the beer to condition for 1 week then bottle or keg the beer as you would usually