Sleepy Wit - Camomile Wit Beer

Sleepy Tea Wit Beer

Expected Brew figures

OG: Approx. 1.040 

FG: Approx. 1.010

IBU: 15

ABV: 4%

Volume: 23L 



-          Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Bavarian Wheat Pouch (2.2kg) (includes M20 Bavarian Wheat yeast)

-          Black Rock unhoped Wheat can 1.7kg

-          1 pack of 20 Camomile Teabags

The Wit beer

-          Sanitise a fermenter (30L or big enough to hold much more than 25L so there is enough head space during fermentation)

-          Add 3L of boiling water

-          Add Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Bavarian Wheat Pouch and stir

-          Add Black Rock Unhoped Wheat Can and stir

-          Add 10 of the Camomile tea bags and stir to the hot wort for 5mins

Combining the two

-          Cool the contents to under 25degrees (using an icebath or a heat exchanger)

-          Pitch the M20 Bavarian Yeast onto the wort

-          Ferment at 18-20 degrees. If you get much higher than this you will end up with a German Wheat beer with Banana and clove flavours (which still will be quite good but not as clean and refreshing at a Wit Beer)

-          After 5-7 days fermentation should be complete, then add 10 more camomile tea bags in a weighted “hop-sock” (weight down with some sanitised marbles) for 5 days.

-          Remove the hop sock and bottle or keg as usual.