Z-Hop IPA (Originally Brewed for Wort Packs at Deep Creek)

Zea Hop IPA (done at Deep Creek)

Expected Brew Figures

OG 1.066

FG 1.010

IBU Approx. 60

ABV 7.2%

Volume 20L


6kg Golden Promise

400g Bairds Pale Crystal

400g Weyermann Munich Malt

1 teaspoon of Irish Moss

25g Pacific Jade @90mins

50g Zyhtos @10mins

100g Zythos @ 0mins

100g Zythos dry hop


Mash at 66 degrees C for 60mins. The amount of Water you use to mash and sparge depends on the set up of your all grain system.


If you have the ability to “Mash Out” On your system do so at 75 degrees for 10mins after the 60min Mash.


Then Lauter to your boil kettle for a 90min boil


After 30mins of boiling add 25g of Pacific Jade to the boil


After 75mins add 1 teaspoon of Irish Moss



After 80mins add 50g of Zythos hops


After 90mins turn off the boil and start your whirl pool and add 100g of Zythos hops


Cool rapidly and transfer to your sanitised fermenter


When the wort is between 20-23 degrees add 2 packets of Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast Ale Yeast and ferment at 19 degrees C for 7 days.


After 7 days add 100g of Zythos hops to the fermenter (in a hop bag weighed down with sanitised marbles if you don’t want as much hop mess.


Leave dry hops in for 5 days.


Transfer beer into another fermenter and transfer into a fridge or somewhere cool and for 5 days for it to naturally clear (adding finings is optional)


Then keg or bottle as usual.


Drink and enjoy (be careful it is a potent IPA)


Andrew Childs

The Beer Man

Mangrove Jack's