Pimp the Kit - Slappin' Saison

This is really pimping a kit and making it something completely different. Fair warning the Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Pilsner Pouch would make a better base, but this will be a slightly maltier complex Saison. This beer will be dry, spicy and have orange, lime, pepper, pinny and pineapple flavours from the hops and some caramel and toffee notes from the London Bitter pouch, the pouch also has a decent bitterness that makes it very drinkable. The hops will pimp slap you right on the kisser! 


Expected Brew Figures:

OG: 1.050
FG: 1.008
IBU: 38
ABV: 5.6%
Volume: 19L


1 pouch of Mangrove Jack's Craft Series London Bitter (1.8kg) – Includes Mangrove Jack's M79 Burton Ale Yeast
2 x 500g of Copper Tun (dry) light spray malt
1x 500g of wheat malt extract
115g of Motueka hops
85g of Simcoe hops
1 tsp of Copper Tun Irish Moss


  1. Boil 8L of water for 30mins adding the Mangrove Jacks Craft Series – London Bitter at the beginning of the boil and all malt extracts
  2. After 50mins add 15g of Motueka and 15g of Simcoe hops to the boil
  3. After 45mins add the 1 teaspoon of irish Moss
  4. After 60mins of boiling add 50g of Motueka and 50g of Simcoe
  5. Take off the boil and crash cool pot in an ice bath until it reaches approx 22 degrees C
  6. Sanitise your fermentor and a fine sieve
  7. Pour contents of the pot through the fine sieve into the fermentor
  8. Top up fermentor with cold sanitary water to 19L
  9. Add yeast to the wort directly (or hydrate yeast – see yeast booklet)
  10. Ferment for 7 days (at 18-20 degrees C) or till the gravity has been stable for 48 hours
  11. Add 50g of Motueka hops and 20g of Simcoe hops to the fermenter for 5 days (in a hop bag for less hop mess to clean up)
  12. Bottle or keg as usual and after 2 weeks its yours to enjoy! MMMMMMM Mad Pimpin'