Limited Edition - Bourbon Barrel + Simcoe Single Hop = FREE Cooler Bag

by Mangrove Jack's
Price $89.90 NZD

For a limited time only, grab a free cooler bag when buying an American Amber and Grapefruit IPA Extract Pouch Kits from participating retail stores.  

A convenient way to carry your handcrafted beer and keep them cool. Making sharing with your friends even easier! Make sure you show off this Christmas. Promotion ends 20 December.

Bourbon Barrel
Dark fruits and caramel mix perfectly with a bourbon aroma followed by a subtle vanilla hint. Full bodied, fruity and boozy with chocolate and caramel flavours, that are finished with a distinct lingering bourbon aftertaste.

ABV Approx: 6.5% 
Bitterness: 3/5 
IBU: 27-33
Colour: Deep Brown
Makes: 14 L 
Yeast: M42 New World Strong Ale 
Brewing Sugar Required: 0.5kg Dextrose/Brew Enhancer or 0.6 kg Pure Malt Enhancer
Comes with Bourbon Barrel Oak Chips

Simcoe Single Hop
Complex aroma of passionfruit, apricot and pine. Extra dry taste with an intense, lingering bitterness.

ABV Approx: 5.6% 
Bitterness: 4/5 
IBU: 48-56 
Colour: Vibrant Gold
Makes: 23L 
Yeast: M44 US West Coast 10g 
Brewing Sugar Required: 1 kg Dextrose/Brew Enhancer or 1.2 kg Pure Malt Enhancer