Warning! Only brew this beer if you LOVE HOPS! Big bitterness, big hop flavours and a nice dry finish.

Expected Brew Figures:

OG: 1.064
FG: 1.010
IBU: 38
ABV: 7.2%
Volume: 19L


  • 1 pouch of Mangrove Jacks Craft Series London Ale (1.8kg) – Includes Mangrove Jacks M79 Burton Ale Yeast
  • 1 tin of Black Rock Ultra Light Malt extract  
  • 3 x 500g of Copper Tun (dry) light spray malt
  • 20g of Pacific jade hops
  • 75g of Motueka hops
  • 150g of Simcoe hops
  • 50g of Citra
  • 1 teaspoon of Copper Tun Irish Moss
  • 2 packets for M44 West Coast Ale Yeast


  1. Boil 12L of water for 1 hour adding the Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series – London Bitter at the beginning of the boil and all malt extracts
  2. When it starts to boil add the 20g of Pacific Jade hops
  3. After 45 minutes add the 1 tsp of Irish Moss
  4. After 50 minutes add 25g of Motueka and 25g of Simcoe hops to the boil
  5. After 1 hour of boiling add 50g of Motueka, 50g of Simcoe and 25g of Citra
  6. Take off the boil and crash cool pot in an ice bath until it reaches approx. 22 degrees C or use a wort chiller if you have access to one.
  7. Sanitise your fermenter and a fine sieve
  8. Pour contents of the pot through the fine sieve into the fermenter
  9. Top up fermenter with cold sanitary water
  10. Add yeast to the wort directly (or hydrate yeast – see yeast booklet)
  11. Ferment at 18-20 degrees C
  12. After 7 days add 75g of Simcoe hops and 25g of Citra hops to the fermenter (in a hop bag for less hop mess to clean up)
  13. Bottle or keg as usual and after the end of the dry hopping (if the gravity has been stable for 24hrs). Enjoy.