Hear it from those who've tried our products, not just us, that Mangrove Jack's is a superior brand that gives you the opportunity to create great beer! 


With the barley wine I did a full 500 L batch and even though I 'under-pitched' it using only the one packet you sent me on a wort of around 1085 it fermented out to 1010 no problem. After fermentation we 'lager' our beer for two weeks at +1C which gets them mostly clear but with the M10 the beer had cleared to such an extent that I was wondering whether to re-pitch another yeast just to make sure there was enough for secondary fermentation in the bottle. In the end I decided against it and the bottle conditioning has worked really well even though there is almost no yeast visible in the beer. It almost looks filtered - needless to say I'm delighted with the result and at over 10% ABV it really is a kick *ss beer! Looking forward to unleashing it on an unsuspecting public in the autumn :-)... 

...So, to cut an even longer story even shorter I will be switching all the beers where I currently use S-04 to M10, probably all the beers I where I use US-05 to M44 (although I still need to wait a couple more weeks for a test batch to mature) and somewhere I need to make room for the M10.  In short, very happy and impressed with the yeast! Philip Nicholson, Elphin Communication AB, Sweden 

...I am a huge German and Belgian freak so I got the German wheat and the Belgian ale. I recieved it and did a half gallon starter with 1 pack of the German wheat pitched it yesterday at 5pm in a 1.059 OG hefe and had activity in abt 3hrs and today at 2.30pm it was already down to 1.020 and had an awesome aroma. Love your product and still wished I had a local source. I think I am done with liquid yeast and will try to use yours exclusively and I am a multi gold medal winner. Thanks for a great dry yeast that will still get the flavor profile of liquid. - Jimie Barnette Jr, Tennessee, USA 

Just a note to say I've just browsed through your website and like the look of the re branding and consolidation of products you now offer. I've just put down an all grain dark ale and have used your new M03 yeast, great to have some variety in dry yeast! Thanks and keep up the good work. - Stephen Mackey, Wellington, New Zealand


My first brew was a cider. It was consumed within two days of me deciding it was old enough to drink (all 23 L). My second was your Dutch Lager. I forgot to put the dextrose in the fermenter initially and it started fermenting anyway. I finally realised my major mistake two days later when fermentation stopped and put dextrose in. This one was consumed within just over a night (we had a lot of people at the party).  My third was a Munich Lager, this was brewed during a heat-wave in Perth and never fermented below 30°C. A couple of my friends argued that this was even better than the previous.  Other brands I try (and get right) seem to taste like dish water.  It seems as though I can't get it wrong with your product, even under large amounts of heat during fermentation...Thanks for an awesome drop! - David Moore, Perth, Australia

Just had Andrew from Stews Homebrew at Maroochydore recommend your Night Watchman Porter. I'm pleased to see the IBU rating on the box. While my palate isn't affected by bitterness, I love an IPA, my wife has the palate of a princess and can barely tolerate anything higher than 28. Seeing your product was in the range she may be able to enjoy, it influenced my decision to buy today. Keep providing your customers with good products and reliable information and I'm sure they'll keep buying the stuff. Happy brewing. Now to wait for my porter. I put a Roger's Amber clone down for the missus. Happy wife = happy life. - Jeff Keys, Maroochydore, Australia

I just wanted to write a quick thank you. I am an avid craft beer drinker, and new brewer. When I stopped past my local homebrew store in Albany, they recommended I try your English Bitter pouch to start out with. I'll be completely honest and say that I didn't have my hopes very high for the outcome, but, I was very pleasantly surprised!

Your English Bitter pouch made it very easy to brew a very tasty beer that I am very proud to say I made myself! I was completely surprised at how tasty the beer was once completed. The malty flavour and slight hop aroma really came through with the beer. I had been contemplating getting into homebrewing for a very long time, and now I can honestly say I'm hooked! If not for the quality of product you guys put forth, I would have given up quite easily. But, having made my own using your kits, I realize, my homebrew can be just as good as the craft beer I love. You have gained a customer for life!

My next step will be to try out one of your craft series boxes! When I read about them, I became quite excited and cannot wait to try them out myself! As soon as my local shop has a Lord Finster box in stock, I'll be there in a heartbeat! Thank you again for making an amazing product, I look forward to many years of brewing your beers and enjoying them. You guys are awesome! Dustin Plunkett, Auckland, New Zealand

I must compliment you on the Bavarian Wheat and Irish Stout Kits, which I made in Oct 2012. This was my first time with the MJ product, I'll be a repeat customer for sure. - Steve Murphy