Beer Kits

Brewing beer from scratch can take upwards of 5 hours before fermentation even begins (mashing, sparging, boiling etc.) which is part of the fun for an experienced all-grain brewer, but may be intimidating for those starting out...

Enter the Beer Kit - all the ingredients you need to skip straight to the fermentation stage! Use each kit as is, or customise your brew using additional ingredients of your choice.

Don't know where to start? Click here for a collection of recipes using Mangrove Jack's Beer Kits.

Each kit contains instructions, malt extract, and yeast suitable for that style of beer. 

Craft Series Beer Pouches

Craft Series

This is our premium beer kit option. Each kit contains  superior base ingredients and most include dry hops to add in later stages of fermentation for extra hop aroma. 

Limited Edition Beer Kits

Craft Series Limited Edition

This range includes our latest additions to the Craft Series range - brought in seasonally, for limited periods of time and added to the Craft Series range according to popularity. 

Traditional Series Beer Kits

Traditional Series

Our standard range of beer kits: The perfect combination of base ingredients for brewing classic, as well as some niche beer styles.  

Brewer's Series Beer Kits

Brewer's Series

A range of beer kits created to ensure brewers can consistently create our most popular classic beer styles with none of the guess work, using tried and tested recipes. 


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