Bring the brewery into your own home!

Poor tasting beer brewed at home is now a thing of the past and everyone can enjoy craft beer they have brewed themselves, to their taste, no matter their experience.

Let us show you that learning to brew a decent handcrafted beer at home has never been easier. 

Mangrove Jack's kits and brewing pouches combine quality ingredients, essential equipment and know-how to provide you with exceptional and economic beer, crafted and brewed by you. 


Your English Bitter pouch made it very easy to brew a very tasty beer that I am very proud to say I made myself! I was completely surprised at how tasty the beer was once completed. The malty flavour and slight hop aroma really came through with the beer. I had been contemplating getting into homebrewing for a very long time, and now I can honestly say I'm hooked! If not for the quality of product you guys put forth, I would have given up quite easily. But, having made my own using your kits, I realize, my homebrew can be just as good as the craft beer I love. You have gained a customer for life!

My next step will be to try out one of your craft series boxes! When I read about them, I became quite excited and cannot wait to try them out myself! Thank you again for making an amazing product, I look forward to many years of brewing your beers and enjoying them. You guys are awesome!

Dustin Plunkett, Auckland, New Zealand

I will be switching all the beers where I currently use S-04 to Mangrove Jack's M10, probably all the beers I where I use US-05 to M44 (although I still need to wait a couple more weeks for a test batch to mature) and somewhere I need to make room for the M10.  In short, very happy and impressed with the yeast!

Philip Nicholson, Sweden

My first brew was a cider. It was consumed within two days of me deciding it was old enough to drink (all 23 L). My second was your Dutch Lager. I forgot to put the dextrose in the fermenter initially and it started fermenting anyway. I finally realised my major mistake two days later when fermentation stopped and put dextrose in. This one was consumed within just over a night (we had a lot of people at the party).  My third was a Munich Lager, this was brewed during a heat-wave in Perth and never fermented below 30°C. A couple of my friends argued that this was even better than the previous.  Other brands I try (and get right) seem to taste like dish water.  It seems as though I can't get it wrong with your product, even under large amounts of heat during fermentation...Thanks for an awesome drop!

David Moore, Perth, Australia

I am a huge German and Belgian freak so I got the German wheat and the Belgian ale. I recieved it and did a half gallon starter with 1 pack of the German wheat pitched it yesterday at 5pm in a 1.059 OG hefe and had activity in about 3 hours and today at 2.30pm it was already down to 1.020 with an awesome aroma. Love your product. I think I am done with liquid yeast and will try to use yours exclusively and I am a multi gold medal winner. Thanks for a great dry yeast that will still get the flavor profile of liquid.

Jimie Barnette Jr, Tennessee, USA

I must compliment you on the Bavarian Wheat and Irish Stout Kits. This was my first time with a Mangrove Jack's product, I'll be a repeat customer for sure.

Steve Murphy

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