M24 Versa Lager Yeast - 10g

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A bottom-fermenting yeast capable of fermenting under either cold or warm conditions. Produces clean lagers with low sulfur and low diacetyl, allowing for fast fermentation and reduced maturation times. 

Suitable for all styles of lager fermented under either cold or warm conditions 

Attenuation: High (78-84 %) 

Flocculation: Medium (3/5) 

Usage Directions: Sprinkle contents directly onto a maximum of 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. Suitable to ferment at 10-25 °C (50-77 °F) but for optimal results ferment at 10-20 °C (50-68 °F).  

Storage Recommendations: Store below 10°C (50°F). Store in the fridge.

Click here for a guide to the Mangrove Jack’s Yeast Strains. 

Available in the UK/EU, coming soon to AU and NZ!

This product is powered by Lallemand Brewing yeast - LalBrew NovaLager