What should my SG reading be?

The Specific Gravity or 'SG' is a key measurement in determining when your beer or cider has completed the fermentation process and is, therefore, ready for bottling. The most commonly used tool to measure this is a 'Hydrometer' which is provided in all our Starter Brewery Kits or available separately.

How to read a Hydrometer

The standard gravity readings on a hydrometer are denoted by numbers, starting with 1.000, and incrementing by 10, 20, 30, and so on. These numbers represent 1.010, 1.020, 1.030, and so forth.

The point where the liquid level meets the hydrometer scale is your reading. For example, if the brew is at the spot where the arrow is pointing on the hydrometer below, your reading will be 1.040. 


ABV Calculator

Estimate your alcohol content

If the SG started at and finished at
Your ABV is
% alcohol



Temperature control

It is important that a brew is kept within the stated temperature range written either in your instructions or stated on your yeast packet. Temperature fluctuations can negatively impact fermentation, leading to undesirable flavours, aromas, and even contamination by unwanted bacteria. Too high a temperature can cause the yeast to ferment too quickly or die, producing off-flavours and aromas, or incomplete fermentation. On the other hand, fermenting at too low a temperature can cause the yeast to become inactive, leading to a slow and sometimes incomplete fermentation process.

There are a few simple techniques you can employ to help keep your fermentation within the correct temperature range:

If brewing in cooler temperatures, try:

  • Using a heat belt or pad. These electric heating devices are easy to use and provide steady warmth to the fermenter.
  • Keep the fermenter in a warmer area of your house and wrap it in blankets or a sleeping bag to keep it warm.
  • Place the fermenter in a cardboard box.

If brewing in warmer temperatures, try:

  • Keep the fermenter in the coolest part of your house – if you can keep it in an air conditioned room, even better!
  • Wrap the fermenter in a wet town and use a fan to help keep it cool.
  • The fermenter can be placed in a shallow pool of water with the towel overhanging so it remains damp. You can also add ice packs to this water for further cooling.

The Specific Gravity or 'SG' is a key measurement in determining when your beer or cider has completed the fermentation process and is, therefore, ready for bottling.

The most commonly used tool to measure this is a 'Hydrometer' which is provided in all our Starter Brewery Kits or available separately. 

The gravities displayed are based on using dextrose brewing sugar, and Mangrove Jack's Pure Malt Enhancer with our pouch kits. If you use Mangrove Jack's Brew Enhancer, use the Pure Malt Enhancer as an approximate guide, your SG may be slightly higher.

Check the SG with your hydrometer, it should be within two points of the table below for two consecutive days. Once fermentation is complete, proceed to bottle your beer. For best results, ensure a minimum of 2 days infusion time between hop additions and bottling.  

*The following tables provide the expected Specific Gravity for Mangrove Jack's Craft Series, Traditional Series and Brewer's Series brewing pouches. These are based on dextrose brewing sugar or Pure Malt Extract/Enhancer as recommended on the pouch.

Note: Not all varieties are sold in all markets.

Craft Series

Beer Style SG - Dextrose Brewing Sugar* SG - Pure Malt Extract*
Helles 1.007 1.014
NZ Pilsner or Pils 1.008 1.015
Golden Lager 1.007 1.014
NZ Pale Ale or IPA 1.009 1.013
American Pale Ale 1.011 1.015
Australian Pale Ale 1.008 1.012
Irish Red Ale 1.015 1.018
Pink Grapefruit IPA 1.008 1.012
Bavarian Wheat 1.010 1.016
Single Hop IPA - Simcoe 1.008 1.012
Roasted Stout 1.009 1.013
Irish Stout 1.009 1.013
Chocolate Brown Ale 1.015 1.019
American Amber Ale 1.010 1.014
American IPA 1.008 1.012
Bourbon Barrel 1.018 1.021
Belgian Saison 1.002 1.004
Red IPA 1.010 1.013
Rye IPA 1.008 1.012
American Hoppy Porter 1.008 1.011
Berliner Sour Ale 1.008 N/A
Gluten Free Pale Ale 1.010 N/A
Lemon Sour Gose 1.009 N/A
Juicy Session IPA N/A 1.010**
Raspberry Berliner Weisse Ale 1.008 N/A
Belgian Witbier 1.010 1.016
Brut IPA N/A 1.004
Nelson Sauvin IPA 1.010 1.012
Baltic Porter N/A 1.018**
Kveik IPA 1.009 1.013
Mango Pale Ale  N/A 1.014**
Pina Colager <1.008 <1.015
Sabro IPA <1.008 <1.013
Spiced Belgian Dubbel <1.015 N/A
Single Hopped Citra IPA 1.008 1.012
Belgian Tripel < 1.006 < 1.008
Black Forest Stout N/A 1.017
Hazy IPA 1.008 1.016


** Please note we do not recommend using Dextrose with our Juicy Sessions, Baltic Porter or Mango Pale Ale kits. 


Traditional Series

Beer style SG – Dextrose Brewing Sugar* SG – Pure Malt Extract*
Blonde Lager 1.005 1.010
Gold Lager 1.005 1.010
Pils 1.005 1.010
Northern Bitter 1.007 1.014
Stout 1.005 1.012
Pale Ale 1.005 1.012
Brown Ale 1.006 1.013
Ginger Beer 1.005 1.012
Gluten-Free Pale Ale 1.005 1.012
Belgian Pale Ale 1.004 1.006
Belgian Abbey 1.011 1.017
Belgian Dubbel 1.013 1.019
Belgian Saison 1.001 1.003


Brewer's Series

Beer Style SG – Dextrose Brewing Sugar* SG - Pure Malt Extract* 
Brewer's Series Blonde Dry 1.006 N/A
Brewer's Series Gold Lager 1.006 N/A 
Brewer's Series Classic Bitter 1.006 N/A 
Brewer's Series Pilsner 1.006  N/A
Brewer's Series Pale Ale 1.006  N/A
Brewer's Series Golden Ale 1.006  N/A
Brewer's Series APA 1.006  N/A

Also Note: ABV stated on the pouch kit is based on using dextrose, unless there is no gravity reading for dextrose in the tables above - those kits are designed to be used with Pure Malt Extract only and therefore the ABV is determined based on the use of Pure Malt Extract. 


Cider Variety SG - Dextrose Brewing Sugar*
Apple 1.002
Pear 1.007
Strawberry & Pear 1.007
Mixed Berry 1.000
Blueberry 1.001
Raspberry & Lime 1.001
Raspberry & Mango 1.006
Peach & Passion 1.006
Elderflower & Lime 1.002
Hopped Apple 1.002
Rosé 1.002
Brewer's Series Apple 1.000

*Please Note: that when using standard table sugar rather than dextrose with our Cider kits the OG will be 3-5 points higher than the dextrose figures. With Table sugar its hard to give a definitive figure but use this as a guide. 

The cider kits are based on the same SG contribution, so the enhancers are 1.2kg which provides the same SG as 1kg dextrose



Seltzer Variety Standard
Lemon & Lime  1.002 or below 
Raspberry  1.002 or below 
Pineapple  1.002 or below 


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